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Soaring to New Heights

2011 9th Annual Freedom Flight 9/11 Kite and Music Tribute


Remembering The Lost and Those Left Behind…

On Saturday, September 10th, 2011 from 12-4 PM, the City of Long Beach, New York once again played host to a unique event for unity, hope, and healing. A day to remember those we will never forget, this solemn occasion was also a celebration of life.
A mix of sun and clouds, the boardwalk lined with flags (thanks to Jimmy the Flagman) and located this year at Neptune–Freedom Flight 9/11 captured the interest and emotion of young and old alike.

 An impressive, award-winning ground kiting display undulated near the shoreline created by the dedicated duo of Tim & Sue Boyle, while kite master Brad Weiner flew giant, breathtaking kites. Professional Sand Sculptor Matt Long and his team demonstrated remarkable skill and artistry (follow Sand Masters on the Travel Channel on Sundays at 7 pm); the Mural of Hope encouraged individuals to freely express thoughts and feelings. Face painting by Sherry Bieder dressed in character as “Shebop the Clown” brought smiles and laughter from kids. Parrots for Peace (Baby, Merlin, and Peacenik) had everyone fascinated. Throughout the afternoon Generation kept the audience stomping feet, clapping hands and dancing in the sand. At 2:45 the Special Tribute began with a moment of silence followed by patriotic music. Children and adults were given 100 free kites in red, white and blue to fly simultaneously. In addition, anyone who chose to honor a lost family member was encouraged to plant a small flag by the Memorial Sand Garden along the perimeter of the sand sculpture.

Freedom Flight 9/11 is a grassroots collaborative effort of a small group of friends believing that the flying of kites symbolizes the universal dream of freedom, and a special way to recognize lost loved ones, as well as our unsung heroes, ordinary people who came together and did the extraordinary: Fireman, Police, EMS, 9/11 Operating Engineers, Laborers, Teamsters, Construction Workers, Search & Rescue Crews and animals. Many of the Responders who survived have now been forgotten or abandoned, “We Remember.” In addition, this is a special time to honor the dedication of our troops.

Click here to see the FreedomFlight911 band Generation perform.


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